Latex Fetish Line Fetisso Announces Latest Designs

Ariana Rodriguez

PERNAMBUCO, Brazil — Brazilian latex clothing designer Fetisso Latex has announced new designs for 2012.

Last month, Fetisso was featured in Vice magazine. The article can be viewed here.

The women’s line features an asymmetrical dress, a corset, and a new back-less body suit. New in the men’s line is a body suit, a men’s thong with similar styling/opening options as the men’s shorts and briefs.  

“Fetisso Latex represents a paradigm shift in the wearing of latex or rubber clothing,” U.S. distributor/importer John Miller said. “Our chlorination process makes Fetisso an ultra-strong material, which is infinitely more durable than non-chlorinated rubber clothing. What’s even more impressive is the ultra-smooth finish, both inside and out, which makes Fetisso easy to wear and pleasing to the touch.

“An outfit that used to take 10 minutes to squeeze into now takes merely seconds,” says Miller. “And cleaning is a breeze, since Fetisso Latex doesn’t stick to itself. You can literally wash and dry in a few minutes. Polishing and storing is similar to typical latex clothing.”

Fetisso Latex has been making fine latex garments since 1992. The designs are made from anatomical forms or molds which are dipped in liquid latex harvested from local Brazilian rubber trees. According to the company, this process is a huge advantage over traditional sewn or glued latex clothes which are less durable, harder to put on and often leave a fit to be desired.
“With growing numbers of celebrities sporting latex gear these days, we find latex clothing is again making inroads to mainstream fashion and particularly in adult-oriented boutiques,” Miller said. “In the past, there have been few reliable, good quality, affordable latex clothing lines and in this respect, Fetisso is a game changer.”

There are three price points in the Fetisso wholesale range, with minimum orders of $500, with price breaks at $1,000, and $1,500. Wholesale pricing includes customs, handling, and international shipping. Domestic shipping is additional via Fed Ex Ground. Turn-around time is approximately four weeks. Express shipping is available at additional cost.

Fetisso clothes come in black boxes with its size and color on the end panel, making for easy store display. In addition, Fetisso offers free of charge, hi-resolution posters and custom printed images and display panels for dealers.