Madison Young Appears With Naughty Bits Crew

LOS ANGELES — Madison Young will be joining the Naughty Bits crew this Saturday, Sept. 29.

Young is a published writer and sex educator who explores BDSM and sexuality from analytical, psycho-social, artistic, queer and kinky feminist realms.

“I‘m a feminist," she said. "But I am one of the world’s kinkiest feminists.”

She is the founder of Femina Potens, a non-profit art gallery and performance art space dedicated to the advancement of female and transgendered artists.

"We're really excited to have Madison on the show; she will most certainly be as intellectually stimulating and she is sexually," comedian and co-host Heather Height said.

The Naughty Bits crew also includes Aden Ardennes and Julie Simone.

For more information, click here.

Young's site is here.