N.Y. Jets' Tim Tebow Offered Museum of Sex Lifetime Membership

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK — New York Jets’ back-up quarterback and self-proclaimed virgin Tim Tebow has been offered a lifetime membership to New York City’s Museum of Sex.

In an obvious publicity grab, the Museum is welcoming the new Jets teammate to the city with multiple member benefits.

Its official letter to Tebow posted on Animal New York reads in part: “While we completely respect your choice to forgo having sex until after marriage, we hope you visit the Museum of Sex to learning [sic] more about the history, evolution, and cultural significance of human sexuality.”

If Tebow accepts the offer he will receive special pricing for events and lectures, and 10 percent discounts on tickets for friends, the Museum store and bar.

Other publicity stunts have been aimed at cashing in on Tebow’s mega-popularity in New York. Last March, the Murray Hill sports bar Brother Jimmy’s created a non-alcoholic drink —  “No Sex on the Beach” — in hopes of luring Tebow to the establishment.

Despite the Museum’s shameless attempt at some quick PR, the offer has at least gotten a rise out of some of the sports media. Rants Sports’ Riley Schmitt wrote, “I will eat my shoe if Tebow joins this museum.”