TrafficForce Releases Mobile Advertiser Software

Rhett Pardon

TORONTO — on Tuesday said it is releasing mobile advertiser software for webmasters.

Using any tablet or mobile device, TrafficForce advertisers can connect to online and automatically access the mobile version of the ad software platform. Traffic Force calls the software a first for its line of business.

"Now, advertisers can check existing promo campaigns on the go, edit bids, pause under-performing ad buys, resume inactive promotions or check balances from any smart phone, tablet or connected mobile device," said Ross of "It's a new level of convenience and instant access from anywhere for adult webmasters, and it's only available with the Traffic Force ad network.

"Advertising in the digital age is all about speed and accuracy. Getting direct access to all of your information no matter what time it is or where you happen to be at the moment, right from any device in your pocket, puts Traffic Force ad buyers ahead of their competition." offers buyers a real-time bid system that leverages a massive amount of in-house traffic for advertisers from many sites including Clients bid while utilizing real-time tracking of percentages; bid increments may be fine-tuned all the way down to 1/100th of a cent to provide the tightest pricing at every level.