Jet Set Men Release 'Ultimate Fighter Live' Parody

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Jet Set Men has released "The Ultimate Top," a Chris Steele-directed spoof of the FX Network's mixed martial arts reality program "Ultimate Fighter Live."

The big-budget parody features performances by 10 never-before assembled stars, including new Jet Set Men exclusives Kris Jamieson and Nick Ryder.

“The direction that Chris Steele took with the models and crew was nothing short of incredible," said Rob Romoni, director of casting. "When you have a huge budget, cast and crew it becomes essential you exceed expectations — and by the overwhelming attention this movie has already received — its evident, that it has.”

"The Ultimate Top" costars Derek Van Damme, Mike DeMarko, Jason Goodman, Logan Vaughn, Tristan Baldwin, Charlie Roberts, Gavin Water and Brody Wilde.

A soft trailer for the spoof can be seen here.