Test Demonstrates pjur, We-Vibe Compatibility

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — Standard Innovation performed a three-month test of We-Vibe products with pjur silicone-based lubricants, concluding compatibility of pjur med Premium Glide, pjur Original Bodyglide, pjur Woman Bodyglide and pjur Woman Toy Lube silicone-based lubricants with the We-Vibe 3, We-Vibe II and Touch massagers.

Three tests with four different pjur silicone formulations were carried out by Standard Innovation. For each test, the contents of two bottles of the given product and a We-Vibe massager were placed in a container. Then, the massager remained in the silicone formulation for three months without interruption. After this time, the massagers were removed, cleaned and thoroughly inspected. No changes whatsoever to the material, the shape or the functionality were observed, the company said.

“pjur and Standard Innovation have shared brand values. We’re very pleased to find that their pjur med Premium Glide, Original Bodyglide, Woman Bodyglide and Woman Toy Lube silicone-based lubricants are compatible with the We-Vibe family of intimate massagers,” said Lorraine Byerley, vice president of marketing for Standard Innovation Corporation. “pjur and We-Vibe silicone products are CE-certified medical-grade products and are made with the highest quality silicone. Because the high-quality of our products is often a key purchase decision, it was important to us to perform tests to validate the integrity of our two products when used together.”

Alexander Giebel, founder and CEO of pjur group, explains: “We are delighted to hear of the positive test results and the preference of Standard Innovation Corporation to test their high-quality We-Vibe products with pjur silicone formulations. Standard Innovation and pjur group share the same philosophy and the same values. More fun and safety for a carefree sexuality and relationship — that is what motivates us. To achieve this goal, both companies produce innovative premium products that cater to the modern lifestyle. That necessitates great care when choosing the ingredients or materials for the brands, and it adds to the importance of reliable safety checks during production. This test goes to show that the consumers benefit from the quality of our premium products.”