CalExotics: 'Gigolos' TV Show Sparks Manhood Molding Fever

CHINO, Calif. — An episode of cable TV Showtime’s “Gigolos” that featured the show’s star Nick Hawk having his manhood molded for a line of adult toys, has men clamoring to have their privates immortalized.

California Exotic Novelties, the company that partnered with Hawk last July to produce a line of adult toys inspired by his television lifestyle said the episode where Hawk gets molded to create a realistic replica that will be the signature piece in his toy collection has spurred an influx of similar requests from men all over the world.

Marketing director Al Bloom said the company’s received numerous calls that range from bizarre “product pitches” to people offering to pay for the molding “experience.”

The hit show presents a rare and uncensored look into the personal and professional lives of Hawk and four other male escorts in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I got the first call from a guy in Seattle who said he saw Nick Hawk on ‘Gigolos,’ getting his ‘stuff’ cast to create a sex toy. He said he was certainly ‘bigger and badder’ than Hawk and that we should give him a toy line, too. I couldn’t stop laughing,” Bloom said.

He added, “Another fella offered to pay us $1000 if we’d mold his manhood. I kept telling him that we don’t do moldings as a business and he got quite upset when I turned him down.”

Hawk’s line of toys won’t be released until early next year but the fevered interest has men wondering about what it takes.

To make a molded sex toy, the subject is covered in a thick batter-like substance that sets in about 20 minutes. The material perfectly captures every aspect of the body part. Men generally find the process less than agreeable, however, since the cold temperature tends to affect them adversely.

“The molding process is very fascinating, I guess now that guys have seen Nick Hawk do it, everyone will want to,” Susan Colvin, CalExotics President and CEO said.

Bloom added, “Nick really rose to the occasion and was by far, the most prepared and responsive of anyone I’ve ever seen molded. I’ve been in this business 40 years, trust me, I’ve seen a lot of guys go through the process, Nick handled it like the pro he is.”

Commenting on the process Hawk said, “I’m a professional, being up for a performance under any condition is what I’m paid to do."

But regular guys will just have to wait to have their own jewels cast.

“We are excited to be introducing the Nick Hawk line of toys, but currently have no plans to mold other gentlemen for any other product collections, or for their person needs. I do want to thank those who contacted us, but we simply can’t accommodate such requests at this time,” Colvin said.