Ta-Ta-Toos’ Clever Cleavage Quotes Featured on We TV

BRISTOL, Pa. — The Ta-Ta-Toos collection of temporary tattoos featuring sexy slogans were recently the focus of a feature on We TV’s “Life Love Shopping” show.

The video is available here.

The recent exposure that Ta-Ta-Toos builds on the line’s momentum in time for the Halloween season.

“This is far and away our busiest time of year,” XGEN’s Andy Green said. “Because Ta-Ta-Toos are the perfect add on for every flirty costume, they remain one of our hottest Halloween sellers.”

The temporary cleavage tattoos are available in a variety of phrases like Lucky You, 100% Natural and Satisfaction Guaranteed. The latest additions for Halloween include Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween. Christmas quotes Jingle Bells, Santa’s Helper and Naughty & Nice have also been added.

In addition to Ta-Ta-Toos, XGEN offers Pleasure Wigs, Eye Candy accessories, Pleaser Sexy Shoes and Seven Till Midnight costumes.

For more information, contact an XGEN account rep today, or to visit XGENProducts.com.