OC Modeling Rejoins LATATA Organization

LOS ANGELES — LATATA, a non-profit industry trade organization that was formed between many licensed agencies within the adult entertainment business in 2009, has announced that OC Modeling has returned as one of the licensed agencies in the organization.

As one cohesive unit, the trade association has the ability to address issues that an individual agency may not be able take on by themselves, with the primary function of the union in assuring the longevity of the adult entertainment industry as a whole and the interest of agencies and the talent they represent within it. Current agency members include: LA Direct Models, Spiegler Girls, Foxxx Modeling, Type 9 Models, Matrix Models, Adult Talent Managers, and now OC Modeling once more.

In a LATATA announcement, the organization said that its recent work has been its effort "to resist attempts to monopolize testing and ensure that talent be continued to allowed a freedom to choose where they are tested, for their industry standard monthly medical panel and not be forced to only one facility as some studios have been demanding."

LATATA has also recently started a public campaign to rid the industry from illegal and unlicensed talent agencies operating within the adult industry that included filing a lawsuit for unfair business practice and violation of other California statutes, against six unlicensed agencies in July 2012.

“OC Modeling is delighted to have rejoined LATATA,” said Sandra McCarthy, senior executive partner, V.P. of operations, marketing and branding for OC Modeling. “I believe what we are all doing is for the good of the industry, and for the health and safety of all of our talent. I think it’s important during all the positive and negative times that we all stand together as one. We are here to help each and every one and keep them safe.”

“It is great to have Sandra back in the fold,” said Mark Speigler, founder of Spiegler Girls. “This is something that strengthens and unifies our trade organization. I am looking forward to other licensed agencies joining us in the future.”