Lion's Den Debuts

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Adult retailer The Lion’s Den last week rolled out web-based TV network

The website offers five original shows, blogs and a retail section offering a wide range of adult products, many of which are discussed in the shows and blogs.

The shows — with titles such as "The Skinny," "WingMen," "Couples Retreat," "May Gay Best Friend" and "NoVilla" — are book-ended by 30-second commercials that promote the website. Each of the shows have shot 13 episodes a piece.

"The different shows discuss sexuality and romance, each with unique casts, themes and perspectives," a Lion's Den company rep said. "Within this interactive, multi-faceted format, users can choose the type of content they want to view and learn about the products in their own way, making for a very personalized shopping, entertainment and educational experience."

Columbus, Ohio-based LD Management's wholly owned subsidiaries, The Lion's Den and Hush Hush Broadcasting, and Midwestern agency Jekyll and Hyde Advertising and Marketing launched the new network on Thursday to "considerable" Internet traffic, the rep said.