XR Brands Presents Master Series of Classic Fetish Tools

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has given classic devices for chastity, sounding, restraint and sensation play a modern twist with the release of the Master Series.

The Governor, a fist-shaped plug, was a concept originally developed for specialty sales, but when the solid steel insertable debuted to the industry last month the XR Brands team says it took an incredible number of pre-orders.

The Bastille Penile Confinement Cage features three interchangeable bases that allow for users of almost all widths and girths to be locked securely into place. The steel chastity device makes for an ideal training tool as well as an effective instrument of C&B control, the company said.

The Silicone Sounds and Silicone Bondage Rope offers a sanitary, more comfortable alternative to metal sounds and traditional fibrous rope, the company said. “Silicone offers give and pliability that allows for more rigorous play without the risk of over-stimulation for new users or those building a tolerance up for the real thing. The material also is easy to clean and maintain.”

The Master Series also features BDSM mainstays – including nipple clamps, Wartenberg wheels and C&B tools.

The Master Series is available around the world from a variety of top distributors, including Sideline Sales, Nal-Pac, Superior Products, Eldorado, VDan Sales and SexToyDistributing.com as U.S. distributors; IT Erotics as Canada distributor; and Topline Sales as Australia distributor.

“Though Master Series is an advanced line, it has hit a cord with distributors and retailers worldwide as it fills a niche that was lacking until now,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad said. “This collection is designed to appeal to an existing demographic of experienced users looking for a matching set of clamps, urethral sounds and other devices catered to their sexual lifestyle. And that’s where the Master Series comes into play!”

The complete Master Series product line is comprised of 25 items with 50 more coming on board later this season. The collection includes stainless steel “toys” and accessories, silicone insertables, clamps, weights, jewelry, sensation play items, cock-and-ball play, and domination/humiliation tools.

“XR Brands aims to expand user demographics with expanded product selections, designer packaging and value pricing,” Alvstad said. “The Master Series offers that with an additional focus on supporting purveyors of this advanced sexual play who know what they want but haven’t yet found it available in an accessible format.”

For sales information please email Alvstad at randy@xrbands.com .