Oron Assets Refrozen as It Gets Slapped With 3rd Infringement Suit

Rhett Pardon

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge has refrozen Oron's assets after the parent company of Falcon and Raging Stallion sued the file-locker site this week for unspecified damages.

Oron, now facing its third lawsuit alleging mass copyright infringement, recently settled with another gay adult studio, Corbin Fisher, for $550,000 and faces another new suit waged recently by Flava Works.

DataTech, owner of such gay adult brands as Falcon, Raging Stallion, Jocks and Mustang, said that it has evidence of more than 40,000 separate acts of infringement prior to the closing of Oron.com last month.

Adult industry attorney Gill Sperlein, who represents DataTech, told XBIZ that 400 titles were found on the site, and that through forensics the numbers may jump.

"We are continuing to go through massive amounts of data and the number is growing daily," Sperlein said.

With evidence — including testimony from Porn Guardian officials on the extent of the alleged infringement — in hand, DataTech received approval from U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer on Tuesday to serve another temporary restraining order against Oron.

A federal judge in the Corbin Fisher suit just lifted a TRO freezing Oron assets on Monday.

As in the Corbin Fisher case, DataTech asked the court to freeze U.S. assets in its PayPal, CCBill, AlertPay accounts, as well as other U.S. financial institution accounts.

"The balance of equities favors the issuance ofa temporary restraining order in that it is limited in scope and it does nothing more than prohibit defendants from fraudulent transfers and compels that they unwind those in which they have already engaged," Breyer said in his order. "Freezing any U.S. funds protects plaintiff’s ability to receive any possible relief. There is also a genuine public interest in upholding copyright protections."

DataTech's lawsuit is similar to Corbin Fisher's, as well as Flava Works — each asking the court to declare that Oron infringed on their videos and each seeking injunctive relief, as well as a full accounting of its infringement.

DataTech in its suit against Oron said it cannot ascertain  the level of alleged infringement without detailed accounting by defendants.

DataTech's suit names as defendants Oron.com, parent company FF Magnat Ltd., Stanislav Davidoglov and a John Doe who goes by the name Roman Romanov, presumably Oron's CEO.

Breyer has scheduled a Sept. 11 hearing on the TRO at federal court in San Francisco.

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