CineKink Film Festival Announces Call for Entries

NEW YORK — The 10th annual CineKink “kinky film festival" is seeking films and videos, of any length and genre, that explore and celebrate a wide diversity of sexuality.

Organizers said they are dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, and are seeking to to blur some boundaries and will be considering offerings drawn from both Hollywood and beyond, with works ranging from documentary to drama, camp comedy to artsy experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit — and everything in between.

Cutting across orientations, topics covered at CineKink have included BDSM, leather and fetish, swinging, non-monogamy and polyamory, roleplay and gender bending, sex work and sex geekery.

All productions are welcomed provided that they involve consenting adults, according to CineKink. “Just about anything celebrating sex as a right of self expression is fair game (far be it from us to define ‘kink’ — if you think your work might make sense in this context, please send it along).”

Scheduled for Feb. 2013, the specially-curated CineKink NYC will also feature a short film competition, audience choice awards, a special adult entertainment showcase, presentations, parties and a gala kick-off event, along with retrospective screenings commemorating a decade's worth of kinky programming.

A national tour will follow, showcasing audience favorites from the New York City festival selections.

Discounted, early bird entries have a post-marked deadline of Sept. 28, while the regular deadline is Nov. 9 and the final deadline is Dec. 4.

For more information on the festival click here.