Wasteland Studios Channel Now on Pornhub

NEW HAMPSHIRE — BDSM website Wasteland.com has announced that Wasteland Studios is the latest addition to Pornhub’s exclusive Channels within The Pornhub Content Partner Channel Program (CPP).

The 2012 XBIZ Awards Specialty/Alternative Site of the Year recipient said Pornhub CPP strives to promote and showcase the industry's top producers while helping them to optimize their sales potential on the web.

“We are excited to welcome Wasteland Studios to the channel club and are anxious to continuously work closely with them to grow their brand throughout our network,” Chris Smith, CPP affiliate manager said.

Colin Rowntree, founder and producer of Wasteland and other niche websites, is excited by the agreement. "We are delighted to expand our content partnership involvement with Pornhub to having our own Channel where their viewers can further their awareness of the unique and compelling quality of the Wasteland brand,” Rowntree said.

He added, “We've been successfully involved with their regular studio content partner program for the past two years, and this addition of becoming a featured channel is just great for our exposure and marketing campaigns."

In addition to its flagship site, Wasteland Studios offers niches including a hardcore Japanese BDSM megasite (Hardcorepunishments.com), a women’s erotica site, Sssh.com (recently featured on ABC’s Nightline, Time Magazine, Newsweek and the recently published book, “A Billion Wicked Thoughts”), and a Japanese bondage film site (ForbiddenEast.com).

“Wasteland has been producing industry-leading BDSM/Fetish content for almost 20 years and is very deserving of its own spotlight for which it will thrive,” Smith said.

Other Wasteland sites include AmishBondage.com, InsideWasteland.com, KinkForKindle.com, WastelandMobile.com and BDSMPad.com for smart phones, mobile devices and tablets, and Wasteland’s EroticVision Channel on Roku IPTV.