Erotique Entertainment Offers Solo Shows During Shutdown

LOS ANGELES — Based on the health and safety of performers, Erotique Entertainment has announced that production of boy-girl and girl-girl content will not resume until at the earliest Sept. 4, 2012, with fully cleared performers.

According to Eric John, CEO of Erotique Entertainment, “This date is subject to move later if either any more cases within the industry population are identified, or if any other information that causes us to feel in any way uncomfortable becomes available.”

In the interim, all of the resources of ErotiqueTV, Erotique Entertainment’s live broadcast division, will be devoted to broadcasting hosted and advertised solo feature shows.

“As I have always said, being on ErotiqueTV is a source of extra cash on non-scene days," explained John, “and we certainly feel in a time like this, we can offer a safe and immediately available alternative to help during this shutdown.”

Feature solo shows will be heavily promoted, hosted, and broadcast in high definition and on multiple angles like all ErotiqueTV broadcasts, John said.

Erotique Entertainment president Vicki Chase added, “Certainly, many performers webcam on their own. This is an alternative to take part in web broadcast that can reach a larger audience through greater promotion, a host to run the computers and cameras, and a different fan base. We also will be paying faster than the webcam companies.”

These solo features shows may have one, two, three, or even more girls per show, but all content will be solo; there will be no sexual interaction between the performers, Erotique announced. As an extra precaution, all performers will be required to furnish their own sanitized toys, and not share toys with any other performer.

ErotiqueTV host Josi Valentine described the difference: “Given the situation, I feel really good about offering female talent these shows that will be more heavily promoted than if they were doing it on their own. We can have a lot of fun in terms of interaction with the fans, with me as host interacting in addition to the performers. I’ll give our fans the camera angles they request, and they still get all the features we always offer. We appreciate that our fans have also been very supportive about the concern for the safety of our performers.”

ErotiqueTV’s broadcast partner, Streamate, has been completely in sync on this approach, John added.

“Streamate has backed us up 100 percent in our approach to this industry situation, and our concern as to the health of our performers,” he noted.

Normally, ErotiqueTVSexDaily is the only boy-girl feature show on Streamate to air every single day. Until boy-girl production resumes, this feature show and all other ErotiqueTV shows will be devoted to these feature solo show broadcasts.

“We won’t broadcast boy-girl or girl-girl sexual content until we are very confident this situation is contained,” John emphasized. “In the meantime, I think this will be a very desirable completely safe option to put some cash quickly into people’s pockets.”

Performers or agents interested in booking shows should contact Eric John at 310.994.8540 or email