Corbin Fisher to Collect Oron Judgment From PayPal Account

LAS VEGAS — Corbin Fisher has been given the green light to dip into's PayPal account to collect on its $550,000 judgment to settle copyright infringement charges against the file-locker site.

But the case is far from over.

Oron counsel have indicated in motions to the court that the file-locker site is planning an appeal over the judgment to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Funding the appeal, however, has become a sticky spot for Oron because all of its assets are still frozen.

On Wednesday, Oron counsel again asked the court to unfreeze all of its assets, a request that is being challenged by Corbin Fisher because Oron hasn't provided the court with an itemized statement and worldwide accounting of all of its assets.

"If the court maintains a freeze on all of its assets, then Oron, which is generating no revenue because of the court’s asset freeze, will effectively be unable to defend itself in this action or to appeal," Oron attorneys told the court in a motion.

In the motion, Oron contends that Corbin Fisher has already been paid off and that there's available funds in the PayPal account for the plaintiff's attorneys fees, which are estimated at $200,000. The PayPal account, according to Oron attorneys, had a balance of $1.4 million when it was frozen by the court in late June.

Oron counsel also told the court that Corbin Fisher attorneys have stated falsehoods to the court and that there is no $3 million in gold stashed away, nor is the company operating under a different business name,

Corbin Fisher attorneys alleged that Oron was involved in an international money laundering scheme where the file-locker site received funds through PayPal, then wired to Hong Kong, then converted to gold, "and then they are stashed away, free from the eyes of judgment creditors and other authorities."

Oron, in its Wednesday motion, said that the company is entitled to unencumbered possession of all of its funds worldwide in excess of an amount necessary to satisfy attorneys fees

"However, if  the court is not inclined to release all such funds to Oron, then Oron at the very least is entitled to a  disbursement of funds sufficient to permit it to pay its attorneys to file post-judgment motions and to bring an appeal," Oron counsel said.

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