PartnerCash's Saboom Halts Production

STOCKERN, Austria —'s product Saboom has decided to stop production in order to protect the health of its performers.

"After the health concerns raised by the media in the porn industry, to be on the safe side, Saboom decided to stop its current productions," the company said. "All pornstars will be tested several times to make sure a risk free environment is provided. We hope the situation won't spread around and all stars involved will get the appropriate treatment."

Porn performers in Budapest, one of the top porn-shooting capitals of Europe, have been under the moratorium for about three weeks after 16 porn-performer syphilis cases were initially reported. The moratorium was scheduled to end on Tuesday, but the soonest date local producers have agreed to resume shooting is Sept. 3.

In the U.S. an indefinite porn-production moratorium imposed by the Free Speech Coalition has been in place since Saturday due to its own cluster of syphilis cases. The Los Angeles County Health Department reported "fewer than a dozen" cases on Tuesday, but that number too is expected to rise.

Saboom said that it will be imperative in the near future to pay attention to tests and repeatedly test all performers. It also said it will create a risk-free environment for its performers.