Julie Simone Lands Reality Show Pilot, Radio Gig

NEW YORK — Fetish star Julie Simone has landed a role as one of the stars of reality pilot “Real Dommes of New York.”

The show, created and produced by Chelsea Downs and Corey Synder, is described as a quirky PG look at the daily lives of professional New York dominatrices.

In the first episode that can be seen on YouTube, viewers get to see Simone manage her private sessions and what being a dominatrix really entails.

The series also stars Sinnamon Love, Sienna Aldridge, Mistress G and Elena De Luca.

"I'm so thrilled with how this came out,” Simone said. “I worked with Chelsea very closely to ensure it was as accurate as possible while still being entertaining. I've gotten some really good feedback from people in the scene, especially regarding the communication aspect, which makes me happy."

She added, "I brought my pals Sinnamon Love and Elena DeLuca in on the project — their intros are so cute."

Simone has also become the newest addition to the Naughty Bits radio show. She joins comedian Heather Height and erotic writer/sex researcher Aden Ardennes, who discuss a broad range of topics including sex tips, relationships, kinks and fetishes, and the trinity of sexuality: gay, straight, andbBisexual (and those in between).

The show is live every Saturday night from 8-9:30 p.m. EST on the Naughty Bits Ustream Channel. It can also be heard on CWERadio.com right before "The Mr. Producer" show and on RadioFreeSatan.com.

Listeners can email their questions to naughtybitsradio@gmail.com, and have them answered on the air.

"Lots of shows claim to be female-driven while a man stands behind the booth and tells them what to say. This show actually is produced by an intelligent woman who doesn't need to resort to nudity or gratuitous sex acts to get people to tune it. I'm excited and honored to be added to the show. Tune in this Saturday and every Saturday to hear tales of my sessions and shoots," Simone said.