Rebecca More Stars in TelevisionX Series

LONDON MILF performer Rebecca More stars in "The Iron Lady Garden" from Television X.

More plays spoof character Aggie Snatcher. This woman of power uses the politics of sex and her affinity for men to rule Britain in the 1980s.

"I had such a fabulous time making this series and playing Aggie Snatcher," More said. "It is quite a controversial part to play in a porno which is exactly why I wanted to do it! It's so horny becoming Aggie and working my way to the top by screwing memorable characters from her past. Each scene was brilliant. Well done to the director, Amory Peart, who put so much effort into the costumes and styling. Simply amazing!"

In the five episode series, she recollects five prominent sexual events that turned her from a humble shop keeper with an overactive sex drive into Britain's only female Prime Minister. Through her memories, the audience is taken on her sexual journey to her position of power as she uses all her assets to change laws and become the leader of the Tory Party.

The cast includes Danny D, Jess West, Ian Tate, Mark Sloan, Jeff Keane, Hannah Shaw, Demetri XXX and Christian XXX.

"The Iron Lady Garden" can be seen starting Friday Aug. 10 and the following four Fridays at and across all Television X TV platforms on UK Television Sky 903, Freeview 92 and Virgin 473.