COLT Unveils New Toys, Adam Champ to Do Live Show

SONOMA, Calif. — COLT Studio Group has announced that its partner California Exotic Novelties is introducing five new COLT Gear items this summer. The new releases include: two COLT Gear Genuine Cast Dildos of COLT Men Bob Hager and Adam Champ, an all-new Man Butt Masturbator, and the new black and red Throbbers.

COLT said that the two COLT Men were molded for their popularity and their fan loyalty, and that their diehard fans can now have an even better COLT experience. Along with Adam's dildo molded from his erect penis, fans can also watch him on COLT Live at 3 p.m. PST this Saturday.

The vibrating Throbbers are available in both red and black.

For more information about the new novelty items, contact COLT Studio Group at