CalExotics Presents the Where to Buy Section

CHINO, Calif.   California Exotic Novelties presents the Where to Buy Section.

The company said the online portal drives consumer traffic to a searchable, retail database.

Susan Colvin, president and CEO of California Exotic Novelties said, “The Where to Buy Section connects people shopping for CalExotics products with the retailers that carry them. It creates a full channel marketing circle so retailers can benefit from our web traffic. We offer it as a support tool for those who carry our products.”

California Exotic Novelties invites retailers to list their location on the Where to Buy Section. Being listed means the consumer is able to search the database and find that retailer, the company said.

Jackie White, vice president of sales for California Exotic Novelties said, “Signing up is easy. Simply go to, look at the top of the page in the center, and click on Where to Buy. Then select the link to add your store to our database. We made the process very user-friendly. If you’d like you can also contact us, we have a dedicated customer service person that can help import your store’s information as well.”

The company said consumer traffic is funneled to the Where to Buy Section through a variety of channels, the main one being Club CalExotics. The online community, which launched in April of 2012, engages the consumer about sexual wellness and pleasure toys with forums, blogs, videos and various social interactions.

Al Bloom, the director of marketing for California Exotic Novelties said, “When visiting Club CalExotics, if a consumer discovers a product they like, they can simply go to our ‘I Want to Buy Toys’ tab; that takes them to our Where to Buy Section. They can search for retailers nearby. As long as a retailer is registered, they will show up in the search results.”

According to the company, the Where to Buy Section receives traffic from other sources, too. Organic search, SEO campaigns, and incoming links bring consumers to the California Exotic Novelty website.

“Since we don’t sell direct to consumers, there’s often a disconnect when people land on our site," Colvin said. "It’s intended for B2B customers, however at first glance it looks like a retail site and consumers get frustrated when they can’t figure out how to make a purchase. The Where to Buy Section is the intuitive solution that connects those consumers with retailers so they can make a purchase.”

Other types of promotional programs will also drive traffic to the Where to Buy section.

“The Where to Buy Section gives us a call-to-action so we can increase our consumer-based promotions,” said Desiree Duffie, director of public relations for California Exotic Novelties.

“As our marketing and PR efforts increase, it’s important for retailers to take advantage of the traffic we generate by registering now on the Where to Buy Section.”

The Where to Buy Section is active for U.S. and Canadian retail locations.

It will be implemented in time for the eroFame Show in October for international stores.

Retailers wishing to register their site on the Where to Buy Section can visit and click on Where to Buy at the top of the page.

For more information, contact