Pipedream Unveils New Sex Stimulant

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pipedream Products has introduced “5-hour Power” his and hers sexual stimulant.

The company said the fast-acting product increases desires and sensations, enhances sensitivity, and helps couples achieve more frequent, and more powerful orgasms.

A special formula allows the supplement to work quickly by increasing blood flow as well as the body's naturally produced lubrication.

Available in 2 oz. shots, the drink comes in three sugar-free flavors including Sinful Strawberry (for her), Citrus Blast (for him), and Chocolate Rush for both.

"Featuring minimal packaging detail in eye-catching colors, shoppers will gravitate to this impulse item for its upfront promise of energy, performance and stamina, as well as its affordable price," Pipedream visual merchandiser Briana Honz said.

She added, "Available in attractive countertop displays and his and hers combo packs, shoppers have options — and with Pipedream Products branding, they'll know it's a product that they can trust."

Packaging includes 12-piece countertop displays, as well as his and hers combo packs of Sinful Strawberry and Citrus Blast.

For more information on the new supplement email info@pipedreamproducts.com.