Cutting Edge Testing Adds New Draw Stations

LOS ANGELES — Performer testing service, Cutting Edge Testing (CET) has added new drawing stations in Phoenix, AZ., Seattle WA., and Orlando, Fla.

The new facility bolsters CET's network that recently included Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

CET said the additions were prompted by continuing requests by talent for additional draw stations.

There will normally be a 48-hour turn around for testing at the new locations. The main Sherman Oaks office and the Fort Lauderdale office will continue to provide a 24-hour turn around.

The service noted that it will be regularly adding draw stations across the U.S., growing the list from month to month. Performers in need of a test where they’re located are encouraged to call CET and ask for the closest draw station, or suggest where a new one is needed.

Cutting Edge is endorsed by the Free Speech Coalition's APHSS program and is in strict compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Peter V. W. Miao, oversees CET. He has participated in clinical research over the years and has written numerous publications in the area of anti-retrovirals in HIV patients and antimicrobials utilized in various infectious diseases.

Visit for more information on Dr. Maio and CET.

CET’s main phone numbers are (818) 386-2132, fax: (818) 386-9827. They can also be reached by emailing