Video: James Deen Discusses Adult Biz With Rolling Stone

LOS ANGELES — In a short Rolling Stone video released today, porn star James Deen discusses the adult business and his unusual leap into the mainstream film biz with his upcoming role in "The Canyons," co-starring Lindsay Lohan.

Deen, relaxed at his Los Angeles home for a Rolling Stone photo shoot, said the notable reason why he took the mainstream role was that he's a big fan of some of the the creative players involved.

"My primary reason for doing this project is because it's a Bret Easton Ellis movie and Paul Schrader is directing it, and then Lindsay Lohan signed on and it became this amazing thing I was attached to," he said.

But the porn star said he has no plans for swinging over to the other side for good. He said that seeking out mainstream work isn't in the cards for him, or many like him in the adult biz.

"There's this whole misnomer that everybody in adult  has this secret desire to do mainstream or cross over," he said. "But the majority of people I know, they would laugh in the face of mainstream."

As for acting in porn, Deen said that he'll be around for some time.

"I would like to be doing adult until nobody wants to see me," he said.