Sienna Sinclaire Celebrates Month of Sex Education

VENICE, Calif.  Sienna Sinclaire celebrates Sex Education Month in August.

She will be giving informative sex lessons on different topics every week such as going down on a girl, going down on a guy, anal sex and learning how to orgasm in any position for women.

"As much as we think we know, it’s never too late to continue learning about the art of sexuality and satisfying ourselves as well as our lovers," she said.

Sinclaire, who is an experienced sex coach has personal tips that she will share throughout the month.

Here is a sample of what you can expect from week one, How to Go Down on a Woman: "I hate nothing more than when a guy goes down on me and heads straight for my clit,” she writes. “There's so much more to my pussy than just my clit!"

The article is not just for men — it's for women too who want to learn how to go down on a woman for a threesome with their man or some one-on-one fun. 

Her tips can be found here.