Fleshlight Announces Searchlight Contest

AUSTIN — Fleshlight has announced the Searchlight Contest, a competition between adult stars Kayden Kross, Alexis Texas and Asphyxia Noir to become the next Fleshlight Girl that will be documented in an eight-part web-series hosted by Jenna Haze.

"Fleshlight is asked by by its customers all the time if they can pick the next Fleshlight Girl so now we're officially giving them the opportunity to," Fleshlight CEO Steve Shubin said. "We're proud to release Episode 1 of Searchlight: The Search for the next Fleshlight Girl. We'll be premiering episodes of this sexy reality web-series each week while fans get to vote for their favorite Girl."

According to Shubin, Kross, Texas and Noir were chosen as contestants for their uniqueness. “We wanted three girls who were drastically different in every aspect,” he said.

“[The contest] was inspired by fans and social media,” Shubin added, “Twitter, Facebook and all forms of social media have made porn stars so much more accessible. Fans want to know more about these girls off camera and who they really are and at Fleshlight we truly embrace that. We are all about creating the ultimate fantasy. Through the series, we take a closer look at who these girls really are. It's fun, sexy and entertaining! The winner will be announced in September.” 

In part one of the video series, Haze breaks down the details of the competition and introduces the contenders, who will be profiled in each weekly Searchlight Contest episode with behind-the-scenes footage and intimate interviews allowing fans to get to know the starlets on a personal level.

“It’s like a beauty pageant but with porn stars,” Haze says, “except that these girls aren’t fighting for the cash and crown — it’s a fight for the Flesh.”

Voters can cast one vote per computer and receive exclusive nude content via Twitter, available only for voters.

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