Girlfriends Films’ 'Lesbian Triangles: Episode 26' Is Now Available on DVD

Lyla Katz

RESEDA, Calif.   “Lesbian Triangles: Episode 26” is now available on DVD from Girlfriends Films.

The release is the newest volume in the lesbian soap opera series.

Performer Deauxma is joined by Jodi West, Anita Dark, Diamond Jackson, Carmen Rose, Janet Mason, and Savannah Steele.

“Lesbian Triangles” is one of the Girlfriends Films’ longest running and most demanded series with its notable stories of illicit affairs and seduction. The torrid love stories revolve around women luring other women into the bedroom, only to leave them for someone else.

“More drama and seduction, with some offbeat twists is what defines the ‘Lesbian Triangles’ series,” contributor Rob Perez wrote in his review of Volume 25. “Simply terrific.”

In “Lesbian Triangles: Episode 26,” the discovery of Savannah and Angie asleep together sparks lustful desire between Deauxma and Jodi. Soon after waking up from her night with Angie, Savannah is seduced by Anita, who just came from the arms of Carmen. Meanwhile, spurned by a lover in the previous volume, Janet searches for pleasure between the legs of Diamond.

Episode 26 on DVD includes a hardcore and glamour photo gallery, plus trailers to other Girlfriends Films movies.

To view the trailer, box art and photo stills from “Lesbian Triangles: Episode 26,” click here.