Flava Works Sues File-Sharing Sites Oron, FileSonic

Rhett Pardon

CHICAGO — Flava Works has filed a copyright infringement suit against the operators of Oron.com and FileSonic.com, as well as 26 of the file lockers' customers accused of illegally distributing the company's videos.

The suit, filed last week at U.S. District Court in Chicago, centers on Flava Works'  interracial content traded through the pair of file lockers.

In the suit, which doesn't specify damages, the file lockers are joined by 26 John Doe defendants who allegedly shared links to some of Flava Works' material through several Yahoo groups. All of the Does are identified by email addresses and user handles.

Flava Works operates FlavaMen.com, ThugBoy.com, RawRods.com, PapiCock.com and CocoDorm.com, among other websites, and distributes DVDs of its content.

The Chicago-based gay adult company says FileSonic, Oron and the Doe defendants should be found liable for direct copyright infringement, contributory copyright infringement and inducement of copyright infringement. Flava Works asks for statutory, compensatory and punitive damages, as well as a permanent injunction and temporary restraining order against the defendants.

It is the second lawsuit waged against Oron over copyright infringement. Last month, gay adult studio Corbin Fisher filed a $34.8 million claim against the file locker.

Corbin Fisher counsel later claimed the suit was settled after Oron attorneys agreed to a deal worth $550,000. But Oron attorneys claim a deal was never formally agreed to. Both parties meet Aug. 9 on the issue in federal court in Las Vegas.

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