Takedown Piracy Takes Top Spot on Google’s List of Copyright Infringement Reporters

CHATSWORTH, Calif.  Takedown Piracy reports that it is now Google's #1 reporter of copyright infringements.

The company said that in the month of July, Takedown Piracy moved ahead of large corporations Microsoft Corporation, NBC / Universal, and Lionsgate to claim the top spot on the list of 1,195 reporting organizations.

The anti-piracy company reported nearly half a million URLs in July. The Recording Industry Association of America, Inc. is second for the month.

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Many of Takedown Piracy’s clients are listed in the top 25 on Google’s list of copyright owners with reported infringements.

“Targeting search engines allows our clients to receive the visibility they deserve without competing with piracy sites for traffic to their own content,” Takedown Piracy owner Nate Glass said. “Google continues to be extremely compliant and timely in removing links leading to pirated content. We’ve developed a great relationship with the search engine, allowing our clients to see immediate results and feel secure.”

Takedown Piracy’s new SEO program, Search Clean, is responsible for eliminating infringements from even the largest search engines, like Google, the company said.

Combined with its custom tool, the Aikido Program, the company said it is removing hundreds of thousands of copyright infringements.

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