ANME Founders Kick Off Sold-out Show

BURBANK, Calif. – ANME officially kicked off today with the sold-out show’s founders tending to booths bustling with business.

“People ask what is the difference between the two ANME shows and the reality is that they are both equally as important,” Doc Johnson COO Chad Braverman said. “Especially in the summer, it seems like it is back to what it was once [in terms of the economy.] ANME is the premiere show – there’s really no argument.”

In promotion of the newly released James Deen line of branded products, Doc Johnson’s booth also hosted an appearance of the star himself, who attended strictly to endorse the collection on a B2B level, Braverman said.

Pipedream Products showcased its response to the “Fifty Shades” phenomenon with a limited edition Fetish Fantasy collection, which according to CEO Nick Orlandino sold out within the first hours of ANME.

“The show’s been an overwhelming success,” Orlandino said. “ANME sold out, Pipedream sold out of product – we continue to be No. 1 in the industry. We enjoy hearing feedback from our customers and ANME provides the perfect platform for that.” 

CalExotics, which shared its expansive display area with sister company JOPEN, unveiled a slate of new products featuring modern colors and popular materials, as well as new tools for sales and merchandising. “The show is phenomenal,” said Susan Colvin, CalExotics president and founder. “The show is sold out and we have appointments every hour of the day – there’s barely room in our booth!”

Nasstoys benefited from a company profile featured in the annual Novelty Issue of XBIZ Premiere, company owner Elliott Schwartz said.

“This has been the best, busiest show for Nasstoys,” Schwartz said. “We’ve already picked up seven or eight new customers, and they came to us. I believe that the XBIZ company profile about Nasstoys drew customers and I’d like to thank XBIZ and Kim Airs for writing such a beautiful article.”

Topco Sales exhibited as a rejuvenated company following its acquisition by World Sexy Manufacturing Investment.

“Topco is really excited to see how the industry responds to our new lines,” Topco Sales’ Erica Heathman said. “With the introduction of Fun Zone, AV, Skinsation, Doki Doki and Ultra Zone, I believe we have something for everyone.”

The evening ended with a Monte Carlo themed event while ANME continues through Monday.