Kink Opens Casting Call for Male 'Gauntlet'

SAN FRANCISCO — has announced it is actively looking for "boy-next-door stars" to be schooled by Kink Men director Van Darkholme in the art of gay bondage and discipline, including Kink trademarks like rope work, nipple play, and edging.

“We have a incredible history of turning vanilla stars kinky,” Darkholme said.

Since launching Bound Gods for Kink in 2008, Darkholme has taken "mainstream" performers like Marc Dylan, Spencer Reed and Christian Wilde and shown them the pleasure and pain of Kink’s unique set-up. Now he’s looking for new converts.

“I want to take someone who hasn’t really experimented with bondage and take them through the gauntlet of Kink Men sites: from edging to public sex,” Darkholme said. “I want to show them what so many other Kink Men have discovered. Kink might look intimidating, but when done right it’s an exhilarating experience."

Darkholme practices Shibari-style rope bondage, which concentrates blood flow in the torso, creating dramatically increased sensitivity and more intense orgasms. The sessions generate a high that keeps men coming back.

Darkholme is seeking both tops and bottoms, with varying levels of experience, but says he’s partial to the muscle jocks he sees at the gym.

“There’s something so appealing about tying up a wholesome guy who’s never really experimented with kink and showing him how it’s done," he added. "They end up being the most enthusiastic converts.”

While some models for individual sites, the ideal star would be contracted to shoot for,, and – the full gauntlet of Kink sites.

“This will be an exciting experience,” Darkholme said. “It’s a chance for someone who’s bored of shooting traditional porn scenes, or curious about BDSM sex, to embark on a potentially life-changing adventure.”

Models interested in running should send email to and specify “The Gauntlet” in the header.