Coquette to Launch 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Ariana Rodriguez

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Coquette has announced an upcoming 2013 spring/summer collection with a different appeal from Coquette’s traditionally darker colored designs.

Coquette says that with the use of bright colors and floral patterns, the design team is introducing a softer side to the company.

“We have designed a collection that we believe will surprise many of our retailers — in a good way of course,” senior designer Elaine Carson said. “The colors and textures of this collection are light and feminine — very high fashion. Many of the pieces have soft lace cups to offer a much more delicate appearance that we have paired with lace over lace patterns to offer lightweight pieces ideal for spring and summer.”

The designers also are introducing ivory and nude tones that are new to Coquette, and when paired with feminine, softer designs and a variety of lace, create an upscale and fashionable collection, the company said.

“We feel that spring/summer 2013 will attract several new accounts with it's beautiful European boutique appearance,” Carson said. “These styles are being seen on all the major runways and are currently in high-demand.”

Coquette said it is creating a look book, which will be ready in the fall, of natural elegance that will portray a new and refreshing face for the intimate apparel company. The new collection was photographed completely outdoors with waterfalls and greenery.

“This catalog is expected to be our best ever,” said Marcus Horea, vice president of sales and marketing. “Retailers should look forward to bright, sun-filled pages that boast of the exceptional design that we're recognized for, with much softer, lighter images. This book is extremely fashion forward and we are eager to show it off.”

The new spring/summer 2013 collection is the lingerie manufacturer's first limited edition collection that will debut at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, Sept. 10-12. The line will hit stores next February.