Antigua Pictures, Sinister X Ink Foreign, Cable Distro Deal

GLENDALE, Calif. — Sinister X Syndicate announced today that Antigua Pictures will handle all of the studio’s foreign and cable distribution.

The company said it has a deep-rooted history with Antigua Pictures owner Todd Blatt.

“Todd and I go back a long time. It’s almost as if we are family. I couldn’t be more privileged and proud to be working with a man like this and his company. I look forward to big things and world wide domination of product placement and performance, and the only man that can help me do that is Blatt and Antigua,” Rob Black said.

For foreign cable and DVD inquiries, contact Blatt at (818) 709-7400 or email

To order domestically contact Dave Peskin at (818) 484-5816 or email