JuicyAds Hires Wizzo as Global Publisher Strategist

LOS ANGELES — JuicyAds, one of the online market's leading ad networks, on Thursday announced it has hired Jimmy Foreman, a veteran traffic expert who is known throughout the adult industry as Wizzo.

Wizzo brings more than 15 years of experience to his new post of global publisher strategist at JuicyAds. He most recently worked for ExoClick as a senior sales manager for North America. Previously, he has held positions at Adult.com and GFY, which he helped start, as well as several other sites. Wizzo has also played key roles in building brands such as MayorsMoney.com.

“I’m very excited,” Wizzo told XBIZ. “I decided to leave Exoclick because it wasn’t a good fit personally and I started to look around at what other opportunities were out there and what would be a good fit.

"I’ve always admired Jay and Juicy Ads. He actually used to be an affiliate of mine when I ran MayorsMoney so we’ve done some working together in the past. I just think he has a really solid team and a really solid product. Our personalities work together, it’s just very natural. There’s no stress in the relationship. I’m also very comfortable with the other team members.”

In his new role as Global Publisher Strategist, Wizzo will work from his home in Houston to help guide JuicyAds' overall strategy as well as help publishers maximize their web profits. He will also support advertisers.

“I’ve always used my experience, whether it’s working for a traffic network or an affiliate program, to help guys to best monetize their sites and put deals together," Wizzo continued. "I have a vast amount of contacts after 15 years in the industry bringing different people together to help improve their businesses. That’s why we went with the word 'strategist,' because I can help a lot of these guys that don’t have as much experience.”

Juicy Jay, founder and president of JuicyAds, is thrilled with Wizzo's arrival.

"Adding Wizzo to the team is a big win for JuicyAds," Jay said. "He’s been extremely successful in everything he has done and his tips, tricks and expertise are going to see our clients significantly increase revenues. It’s a win-win-win situation.” 

Wizzo can be contacted at wizzo@juicyads.com.