Adult Performer Ayesha Carmela to Go Bollywood

Nelson Ayala

LONDON — British-Asian adult entertainer Ayesha Carmela is fielding offers from Bollywood movie producers to star in their upcoming projects. The twenty-something "Masti Chat" model has yet to reveal details about any potential deals, but did say that she hopes to "emulate" porn star Sunny Leone's newfound career in Hindi cinema. 

“Although it is too early to speak about the offers, I was quite taken aback when I was approached," Carmela told "Performing has been in my blood from an early age, but Bollywood was something that had never ever crossed my mind.

"After doing some research," she continued, "I learned that Indian porn star, Sunny Leone, is starring in her first Bollywood feature film — coming out this year — and has also been signed up for a second film, so I thought why not.”

Carmela is best known to porn fans in the U.K. as one of many Indian live-chat models showcased on Sky Channel 906's "Masti Chat" program. Her announcement to potentially star in Bollywood films has got the Hindi press declaring her to be the next Leone, who's Bollywood debut, "Jism 2," opens on July 27.

“I’m thrilled that a porn star like Sunny Leone will be able to show the world that we are just normal people at the end of the day," Carmela said. "I look forward to seeing her in 'Jism 2' and hope I can emulate her success in India. If porn stars like Sunny Leone can break the Bollywood stigma and pave the way for glamor models, then what’s stopping a Masti babe?"