Video: to Debut 'Pornification' on Tuesday

NEW YORK — next week will premiere a new series called "Pornification," which documents consumers' attitudes on porn.

In preview notes, producers said that the web-streamed program will get up-close and personal with those in and outside the adult entertainment biz.

"The show will be a frank discussion about the smorgasbord of smut that people watch," producers said. "The interviewees will come from a variety of backgrounds — some who are in the porn industry and some who aren't — and will answer personal questions about their taste in pornography and how it applies to them in real life.

"The Internet was invented by a handful of horny individuals who dreamt of creating a platform where they could facilitate the instantaneous exchange of ATM, DP, RTF, BBW and CBT content around the globe," the producers said.

The first episode of 'Pornification' debuts Tuesday on