Julie Simone Is One Bad Mother in 'Cruel Relations'

Nelson Ayala

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pure Play Media will release on Thursday a scripted erotic drama from the twisted mind of fetish star Julie Simone. 

"Cruel Relations" finds Simone playing a manipulative matriarch hell-bent on dominating and humiliating her stepson for her own perverted pleasure.

“Julie Simone has really nailed two big fetish genres with ‘Cruel Relations’,” said Pure Play Media national sales manager, Mr. Ritch. “Combining her masterful BDSM performance with the taboo of a stepmother fantasy, Julie has an absolute winner here. She’s going to do very well with this title.”

"Cruel Relations" includes acts of physical domination, armpit worship, spanking, face-slapping, breast and foot worship, spitting, smoking fetish, strap-on sex and plenty of role-play. 

The project has been a "personal victory" for Simone, who in the past has found herself tongue-tied by scripted dialogue. “When I first started, I was so shy and I had a really hard time doing dialogue — the words just wouldn't come out of my mouth," Simone said. "In this shoot, the words just flowed. I was surprised at some of the dirty things I was saying. It was super hot!"

A NSFW trailer can be seen here.