Adam Killian to Play Green Lantern in 'Justice League 3DX'

LOS ANGELES — Adam Killian, the 2012 XBIZ Gay Performer of the Year, has been cast as The Green Lantern in Sinister X Syndicate’s upcoming production of “Justice League 3DX.”

Producer/director Rob Black said that he is staying true to the DC Comics reboot of The Green Lantern character as a gay superhero by having Killian perform in one hardcore gay scene in the otherwise heterosexual porn movie.

“'Justice League 3DX' is a straight movie,” Black explained. “Evan Stone is Batman, Scott Lyons is Robin, Jennifer White is Wonder Woman and Lizzy Borden is Batwoman. It will have six boy/girl scenes and one full-on gay scene. This will be the first time that a movie of this consequence will have a gay character in it.”

The Green Lantern will fuck Nightwing, Black said.

As part of joining the Sinister X Syndicate, Killian will also be portraying The Green Lantern in the upcoming “Adventures of The Green Lantern” that will air on the Extreme Entertainment Network's channel on Roku. Killian will also appear in character at ComicCon next month.

“I’m totally excited by it,” Killian said. “It’s a very forward-thinking concept. I love that he’s putting it together and I’m honored that he asked me. He explained a little bit of the concept and the plot and what he plans, and I think it’ll be a fun adventure.”

Killian continued, “He told me that I'm the XBIZ Performer of the Year. I'm 'the man to choose right now.' When I do any project I put everything into it, so I’m super excited to jump into a role like this and do the best I can.”

"Justice League 3DX" is slated to go into production in July. The mainstream site also picked up the news of Killian's superhero turn.