Sinister X Syndicate Signs Katie Summers

Bob Johnson

GLENDALE, Calif. — Rob Black’s Sinister X Syndicate announced the signing of starlet Katie Summers to the new studio’s stable of talent.

The deal calls for Summers to portray Justice League Super Heroine Black Canary in the upcoming Sinister Comixxx film, "Justice League 3DX,” and the Extreme Entertainment Network's exclusive ROKU TV series “Birds of Prey XXX.”

She'll also appear in three total features and co-star in seven-episodes of the ROKU TV series, according to head of sales Dave Peskin.

The 22 year-old starlet will also appear at ComicCon in San Diego July 11-12 representing the studio as Black Canary.

"Our presence at Comic-Con will be epic as Katie represents our crew as Black Canary, promoting the Birds of Prey upcoming DVD release, and promoting her starring role in the new ROKU TV series we are producing,” Black said.

He added, “Along with Katie will be Alexis Ford signing in her Snow White costume under the Fairy Tale Films banner of the Sinister X Syndicate.”

Sinister X announced a five-picture deal with Alexis Ford earlier this week.

"The top talent is beginning to see what we have in the works, and the fans are excited that we're bringing it to them. It's hard work being a super villain, but the Sinister X Syndicate is doing what we do best, and that's dominating the parody porn market," Black said.