ATKingdom Now Streaming Pleasure Radio

Bob Johnson

PHONEIX — Visitors of ATKingdom’s (ATK) websites will now be able to listen to adult Internet station Pleasure radio thanks to a new partnership.

Some of ATK's network of free sites include and

“I am so very excited to partner with Tony and Pleasure radio,” Melissa Campos, affiliate manager and head of DVD production for ATK said. “I had a blast hanging out with them at the Phoenix Forum and know great things will come of this.”

Campos is scheduled to co-host the Derek & Peter 2.0 show live on June 19 at 5 p.m. PST.

The company said interested webmasters can also add Pleasure radio to their sites. “We provide site owners an embedded code that directly links to our flash player without ever leaving the site,” TonyP, Founder of Pleasure radio said.

He added, “Users can enjoy our adult radio when their not viewing content within the site itself.”

Pleasure radio noted that it currently has streaming partnerships with and

In addition to expanding within the adult community, Pleasure radio said its also setting its sights on mainstream radio platforms. Android and Apple users can now listen to Pleasure radio via the Tunein radio app.

“Getting Pleasure’s content on mainstream platforms is crucial to our growth because this creates additional listeners for our advertisers to market their products and services in an auditory fashion through channels not normally open to adult,” TonyP said.

The company said its presence continues to grow, citing Triton Digital’s April Webcast Metrics report, that ranks Internet radio networks like Pandora, Clear Channel and CBS radio by their Average Active Sessions (AAS).  According to the report, had 3,982 AAS which placed the station in the Top 20 of the ranked webcasters. During the same time, Pleasure’s AAS was 4,424.5, which would have ranked it near the top 20.

“I approached Triton at the RAIN Summit that was held in Vegas in early April with an interest of ranking our station,” TonyP said. “But the account reps couldn’t get away from me fast enough once I told them the nature of our content.”

Despite resistance to its format, a select few have embraced the concept. The company said it has partnered with a yet undisclosed company to develop an entire adult radio network that is scheduled to launch in the coming months.

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