Videobox Launches Next Generation Roku Channel

SAN FRANCISCO  VideoBox is presenting the next generation in adult entertainment for TV, launching a significant upgrade to its Roku channel.

The company said that with the new channel, viewers can manage their entire stash and browse or search VideoBox's immense catalogue of more than 13,000 DVDs in standard definition and HD from more than 100 studios.

"VideoBox's advanced recommendation engine makes browsing through such a massive amount of content simple, by offering suggestions based on past browsing experience and giving users access to quick player mode, which generates a continuous feed of suggested content for that user," the company said.

This is VideoBox's second Roku channel. The first launched in March 2011. Since then, the company has accumulated thousands of Roku users with valuable feedback. 

The most-requested feature amongst IPTV porn viewers is parental controls, the company said.

"VideoBox heard that call, and took it to the next level, offering a user-configurable access control mechanism," the company said.

But for the user seeking supreme discretion, the company also offers an alternative version of the channel featuring discreet messaging and logo, so users "won't have to worry about advertising their porn use on their Roku home screen."

According to the company, the VideoBox Roku channel is not just for straight people. For users who sign up for VideoBoxMEN, their Roku channel will switch to VBMen mode, delivering gay content from across the industry.

The company said new content is added every day. Base subscription users get five new titles on the straight site each day, and one new title on the gay site.

The channel comes with a free three-day trial. Users who already own a Roku can start their free trial by installing the channel here.

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