Fun Factory Announces True Colors Promo

Ariana Rodriguez

BURBANK, Calif. — Fun Factory is running a promo called True Colors during the month of June, in honor of Pride season.

With the promo, Fun Factory is offering retailers a vibrant, rainbow store display containing all the company's bestselling vibes.

"When naming this promo, we hesitated between Color Therapy, Rainbow Therapy, True Colors, Live in Color, and a few other names," said Emilie Rosan, marketing manager at Fun Factory USA.

Fun Factory is a premium brand, offering high-end vibrators in all the colors of the rainbow, which is unique for adult novelty manufacturers, the company said.

"We understand that marketing research shows that purples and blacks are the bestselling colors in the novelty industry," Rosan said. "However, what draws consumers to our brand is the multitude of color choices we offer them. Even if a consumer ends up buying a purple Fun Factory toy, the reason they want Fun Factory is because the brand gives them the feeling that they have a choice."

According to Rosan, Fun Factory stands for diversity, quality and fun.

"Fun Factory is the only brand in the industry with a distinct playful and irreverent feel. From its staff to its toys, all brand manifestations are colorful," Rosan said. “Doctors agree that light affects our mood. Light is color and colors are light. Some holistic therapy methods use what they call ‘color therapy’ to heal patients with seasonal disorders as well as a variety of mood disorders.

"While a section of the novelty industry offering premium quality toys associates with values such as ‘luxury,’ we actually offer luxury quality (products made in Germany), but we associate with values such as freedom and diversity. ‘We chose the circus over the opera,’ if you will — this is an analogy I like to give people,” Rosan said.