Kheper Games Partners With ECN for Exclusive Release

Ariana Rodriguez

SEATTLE — Kheper Games has partnered with East Coast News for an exclusive launch of the Ladies Night game.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to partner and work together with ECN in the release of our new game, Ladies Night,” Kheper Games Sales Manager Roxana Forenza said. “The game is fun and sexy and highly anticipated to be a hot seller!”

Ladies Night is described as a game that allows players to find out how well they know their friends through four categories of intimate and interesting questions.

The game contains categories such as: Just for Fun, Style and Beauty, Lifestyle and Love & Relationship. Ladies Night is played by allowing a participant to spin the spinner to select a category, and then draw a card and read the question aloud. She then secretly writes down her answer on the game pad and all of the other players share their guesses as to how they believe their friend would answer that question. The winner will be the participant in the game who best guesses how her friends will answer.

“Ladies Night is really the perfect crossover game for Kheper,” ECN Product Liaison Heather Rega said. “It appeals to both the mainstream and adult consumer, and we’re proud to be the first to introduce it to the market.”

Retailers can contact a ECN representative or visit for more information.