Tasha Reign Fears Photo With Clinton May Ruin His 'Re-Election'

LOS ANGELES — Porn stars Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee have addressed the media about the photograph they took with former U.S. president Bill Clinton at a Clinton Foundation fundraiser in Monaco on Wednesday.

In an interview with TMZ.com, the duo revealed that Clinton had not only been shooting glances at their table, where they sat with Penthouse owner Marc Bell, but had Secret Service agents introduce him to them moments before they were about to be ushered away for requesting a photo.

"We were going to approach him to take a picture and his Secret Service sort of brushed us away," Lee said. "And as we were walking away, Bill actually had the Secret Service guy call us back, to come hang out.”

The photograph taken during their meet has caused a media frenzy and inspired numerous of Clinton sex jokes among comedians and talk show hosts.

Reign told TMZ that she didn't understand the controversy, but felt concern for the former president and hoped the picture wouldn't damage any political endeavors he may be pursuing. 

"For me this is no big deal, but all of sudden I realized how controversial the whole situation was," she said. "We feel sympathetic for Bill and I hope this doesn’t hurt his re-election or whatever he’s trying to run for.'

Reign went on to say that she and Lee love Clinton and "want him to watch all our dirty videos and follow us on Twitter."