CraveOnline Lauds 'Revenge of the Petites'

LOS ANGELES — The mainstream entertainment website CraveOnline has reviewed AMKingdom's highly touted, first scripted film "Revenge of the Petites," calling it a real movie and suggesting it is reminiscent of a more glorious era of porn features.

"There’s really no higher praise that can be offered to a movie like 'Revenge of the Petites' than to declare, with total sincerity, that it is in fact a movie," writes reviewer Devon Ashby. 

Ashby later concludes, "With its cuddly nostalgia quotient, and its actually extant story, characters and cinematography, 'Revenge of the Petites' simultaneously recalls a more glorious phase in the history of the adult industry, and glorifies the adolescent, boob-obsessed silliness that makes porn so appealing to begin with."

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"Revenge of the Petites," which is available now through Exile Distribution, is AMKingdom owner Kim Nielsen and director Harry Sparks' homage to American coming-of-age comedies such as "Revenge of the Nerds," "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "American Pie."

The film’s story follows a pair of college coeds, played by Marie McCray and Skin Diamond, who set out for vengeance after getting bamboozled into performing a sex act online by a group of mean-spirited Theta house sorority girls.

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