Sportsheets' Sex & Mischief Showcased on ABC News

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. Sportsheets’ Sex & Mischief collection of BDSM-inspired fantasy accessories was featured on ABC News in a segment that showcased the product line in association with the erotic fiction “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

The erotic trilogy, which ABC News correspondent Stephanie Hockridge reports is “flying off the shelves just as fast as the main characters’ clothing,” has motivated men, women and couples to spice up their sex lives in new ways.

The book’s bondage-focused theme has made Sportsheets and its Sex & Mischief product line the go-to source for inspiration, the company said.

“The books package basic concepts of bondage, domination, restraint and intimacy in a way that makes it easy  and sexy  for the mainstream world to enjoy, much like our Sex & Mischief collection does,” Sportsheets President Tom Stewart said. “This groundbreaking product line has redefined BDSM and lets people of all sexual lifestyles take the fantasy into their bedrooms.”

Sex & Mischief debuted in the summer of 2011 and when the “Fifty Shades” trilogy hit the Internet earlier this year, the company said sales of adult products in the BDSM realm began to take off.

Since then Sportsheets and its distributors have been fielding calls for floggers, blindfolds, restraints and toys similar to those featured in the books

The company said that its Sex & Mischief brand of fantasy sexcessories is for the savvy and price-conscious couple ready to try a new fun way to connect and experiment with each other.

Sportsheets Premium is the company’s flagship and pillar brand featuring high quality craftsmanship, reliable construction and design elements, the company said.

The collection includes sexual positional toys, restraints, blindfolds and the Sportsheet bondage bed sheet.

“[Fifty Shades of Grey] is hands down the most surprising phenomenon in our company in the last 18 years,” said Lisa Mazurek, brand and marketing director at Entrenue, a Sportsheets distributor. “It’s a permission slip for a lot of women or people to try something maybe a little bit taboo.”

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