Lee Roy Myers to Spoof 'Community?' Max Hardcore as Chevy Chase?

Nelson Ayala

LOS ANGELES — Producer, director and writer Lee Roy Myers took to Reddit.com today to partake in an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything). Myers fielded questions about his start in porn, his favorite performers and his parodies of "The Office," "True Blood," and many others.

Myers was also bombarded with suggestions for future parodies, of which he expressed interest in producing send-ups of AMC's "The Walking Dead" and Joss Whedon's short-lived space-western "Firefly."

Myers was also open to doing a spoof on NBC's low-rated, but geek-championed, comedy series "Community."

"I have considered it. I will consider it. I like the show. Consider it considered," Myers wrote. "But, if I create it and then make fun of Chevy Chase and then get fired, my blood will be on your hands."

The remark is a nod to NBC's recent firing of "Community" creator and showrunner Dan Harmon after a much publicized feud with Chase, who portrays bumbling businessman Pierce Hawthorne on the show.

Reddit user Molrobocop took the opportunity to offer Myers genius casting advice: "I nominate Max Hardcore for the Chevy Chase role. Although since none of the standard 'Community' characters look 18 years old with anorexia, he might not be down for it."

Myers said he would consider that as well.