Hot House Unveils 'Craig Reynolds Collection'

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — The "Craig Reynold’s Collection," featuring six scenes hand-selected by the Hot House exclusive himself, became available for wholesale distribution today through Pulse Distribution.

Reynolds was discovered dancing on a box in a nightclub, signing an exclusive contract and leading to him becoming one of the studio’s most sought-after stars.

In this title, Reynolds gets nasty with Ross Hurston, Kyle King, and Paul Wagner plus Hogan Wade, Josh West, Tyler Saint, and Arpad Miklos.

In Scene 1, Reynolds plays a nurse to Hogan Wade's doctor. Next up, Reynolds does a threeway with Hurston and West. Then in the third scene Reynolds starts out in his Big Rig in a warehouse ready for sex when he meets Kyle King. After another doctor scenario with Wagner, Reynolds finds Saint for steamy session.

The finale turns into a muscle-man fuck fest when Arpad Miklos and Reynolds throw down in an alley.