Sportsheets Vintage Sports Cuffs Enshrined in Rubber Tree Adult Boutique Display

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — The Rubber Tree adult boutique, which has enshrined one of Sportsheets’ very first Sports Cuffs wrist and ankle restraints in a special display honoring the company’s upcoming 20th birthday.

The original Sports Cuffs debuted on the market in 1993 with an easy-to-use design and couples-friendly functionality. Twenty years ago The Rubber Tree kept a set of their own, and now the vintage apparatus is on display for all to enjoy.

“We created the Sports Cuffs to be a versatile restraint system for anyone interested in exploring restraint fantasy, and we knew they’d take off right away,” Sportsheets Vice President Julie Stewart said. “They can be attached to just about anything and even expand to be used as a collar or thigh cuff simply by linking the two together. Sportsheets has been keeping couples happily connected for decades, and The Rubber Tree has been one of our longest-running customers and loyal supporters since day one!”

The Sportsheets Premium Sports Cuffs are gentle and soft on the skin, yet durable and strong, the company says. Best-sellers for almost 20 years, the restraints serve beginner players to advanced enthusiasts.

“We were Sportsheets’ first customer back when [company President] Tom Stewart was traveling door to door selling the Sports Cuffs and matching tethers from his trunk,” The Rubber Tree owner Shana Starr said. “I love strapping on the Sports Cuffs and showing our shoppers how it’s done. We’re a mom-and-pop store that cherishes one-on-one relationships with both our shoppers and the brands we support, and we hold a very special place in our hearts for Sportsheets!”

Sportsheets Premium is the company’s flagship and pillar brand featuring strap-ons, sexual positional toys, restraints, blindfolds and the Sportsheet bondage bed sheet.