Introduces New 'Social Media Wall'

LAS VEGAS — introduced its pinboard-like “Naughty Tweet Media Wall” interface today.

“With the Adult Industry tweeting some 50,000 pictures and videos a month, it was clear we needed to develop some new interfaces to showcase this amazing content,” Naughty Tweet Network CEO Pete Housley said.

He added, “ is a reimagining of the entire social media concept focusing on the media rather than the message; we call it a ‘Social Media Wall.’ The consumers of adult material are by nature, visual, developing this interface was just as natural and we expect this site to become one of our most trafficked and loved.”

The company said the Naughty Tweet Network of sites follow and aggregate more than 4,500 adult industry performers daily, who send out more than 35,000 tweets and in excess of 1,500 photos and videos.

Its new offering is designed to service the combined porn star following of more than 25 million fans. operates on a proprietary software application that leverages the application programming interfaces of major names in media sharing applications including Twitter, Instagram, TwitPic, Tumblr, and more. The website gives users access to live photo and video stream in multiple categories.

By leveraging tools like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google +, users are able to comment as well as share media with their own social circles

“What we didn’t expect is how addictive this product would be; even for me… During testing I found myself refreshing the page frequently to see what surprise was next,” said webmaster Joe Cabe.

He added, “What seemed like a simple idea is actually rather complex in practice as we aggregate data, photos and videos from more than 15 different sources. It’s also the first time we’ve been able to integrate our products with the ‘Big 3’ in social media meaning the traffic and exposure will be our most extensive to date.”

The developers said said the interface has been designed using the “Mason Wall” style, popularized by products like Pinterest. However, the company noted that it is not a Pinterest clone, and in fact its feature set and code base are unique, so there is no interface to post media directly.

The website is available to users at no cost.

Some advertising and sponsorship opportunities are also available.

For more information on the product contact Denise Kraft at or call (206) 852-1656.